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Bubble Tea Sample Pack for Businesses

Bubble Tea Sample Pack for Businesses

$1.59 per serve

Introduce the flavorful delight of bubble tea to your business with our Bubble Tea Sample Pack. Designed specifically for businesses, this pack is your perfect solution to testing the bubble tea market, offering 70 cups of tantalizing drinks without a substantial upfront investment.

Our sample pack includes:

  • 3 x 400g Milk Tea Powder
  • 3 x 400mL Fruit Tea Syrup.
  • 10 Assam Black Tea Bags
  • 10 Jasmine Green Tea Bags
  • 4 x 300g Tapioca Pearls Packs
  • 1 x 600mL Brown Sugar Syrup

Our Bubble Tea Sample Pack is a strategic step towards expanding your menu and delighting your customers. Start brewing the trend with us today and unlock the lucrative potential of the bubble tea market.


Serves 70 cups at $1.59 per serve

Shipping is a flat rate of $19.95 Australia-Wide with free shipping if your order is over $400. Learn more about shipping here.

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  • Free Shipping on orders over $600

    Shipping will be straight to your door and will be shipped next day via either Australia Post or one of our other partner couriers.

  • Why add Bubble Tea to your store?

    Bubble tea is a growing industry and has started to become a mainstream beverage. Adding kits in-store or adding bubble tea to your menu will help you keep a modern brand and product!