Adding Bubble Tea to your menu - How to start a bubble tea business


Are you looking to add a novel drink to your menu? Do you want to be a part of the bubble tea phenomena before it becomes a mainstream staple? In this article, we'll show you how to add bubble tea to your menu.

What you need to know


    High quality ingredients to make bubble tea

    Adding bubble tea in-store requires a few key ingredients:

    All the featured bubble tea ingredients, tea, milk tea powder, fruit syrups and toppings

    When it comes to tea, black tea or green tea are most commonly used, but other types of tea can be experimented with to create unique flavors.


    Now that we know the base ingredients, it's onto creating our menu.


    Creating your menu

    You'll need to decide what bubble tea flavours you want on your menu. It's best to have a few fruit tea flavours as well as milk tea flavours. Fruit tea flavours come in the form of syrups whilst milk teas primarily come in the form of powders.

    Our most popular milk tea flavours are the Original Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Milk Tea and Taro Milk Tea whilst for the fruit teas, Lychee Fruit Tea and Mango Fruit tea are the most popular.

    Therefore our menu would look something like:

    1. Original Milk Tea
    2. Lychee Fruit Tea
    3. Brown Sugar Milk Tea
    4. Mango Fruit Tea
    5. Taro Milk Tea


    A sample bubble tea menu graphic

    Next, we'll also need to add toppings. These normally come in the form of tapioca pearls, jellies or popping pearls. 

    You can either offer toppings at 50c per serve or, most stores actually combo drinks with toppings into offers for customers.

    A traditional combo would be the Original Milk Tea with tapioca pearls for example!

    As such, you'll be able to build your menu based on what you think people's prefered flavours will be.

    With the menu done, let the fun begin. ;)

    How to Make Bubble Tea in-store

    Making bubble tea is relatively simple. Start by brewing the tea for around 1-3 minutes per tea bag. For fruit teas, add fruit syrup and sweetener to the tea. For milk teas, add the milk powders and mix.

    The boba pearls are cooked in boiling water for around 15 minutes, then let them cool for 5 minutes. Add the boba to the tea and serve with a wide straw that allows the boba to be enjoyed with each sip. It's important to keep the boba fresh by storing them in a simple syrup or honey solution, as they can quickly become hard and chewy if left out for too long. We'd normally recommend using brown sugar to soak and cook the pearls.

    However, in a store with a lot of orders coming in, you may not be able to prepare each drink to order. Instead, bubble tea stores normally:

    Tips for making bubble tea in-store

    How we help you get started selling bubble tea

    The BBTx Wholesale Process has the sole goal of helping you get started selling bubble tea profitably and well. 

    How it works is:

    The wholesale process with BBT Club


    And that's it! By following all the steps and guides in this article, you will have hopefully started selling bubble tea and taking your bar, cafe or bubble tea shop to new heights.


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