Premium Bubble Tea Products

We didn't just stumble upon tasty bubble tea recipes by chance.

Oh no, we spent oodles of time researching and testing to find the best bubble tea from the land of its origin: Taiwan. We went all out, working with tea experts and conducting numerous taste tests until we found the perfect combination of ingredients to make our bubble tea stand out from the rest.

Milk Bubble Tea

Let's spill the tea on milk tea!

Start with some milk of your choice, add a milk tea flavour, a dash of sweetness, and then toss in those chewy tapioca pearls or other awesome toppings.

In-store, the result is a creamy, smooth, and slightly sweet drink that's simply irresistible.

If milk tea is their thang

Fruit Tea Bubble Tea

Looking for a fruit-tastic bubble tea experience? Look no further than our fruit tea bubble tea! This tasty beverage combines the refreshing taste of fruit with the fun and chewy texture of boba or fruit jelly.

For the fruit tea addicts

Toppings for Bubble Tea

Let's talk about the real stars of the show – bubble tea toppings! From the classic tapioca pearls to the more adventurous fruit jelly or popping boba, these little guys are what make bubble tea so much fun.

You can mix and match toppings to create your perfect combo as well as allow your customers to mix and match.

Check out our toppings

Tea Bags for Bubble Tea

Tea bags? Boring - Not if it’s to make bubble tea with! Now we're talking! Simply pop the tea bag into hot water and voila!

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