Does Milk Tea Come with Boba?

If you're a fan of bubble tea or boba tea, you've probably asked this question before: Does milk tea come with boba? The answer is not a simple yes or no, as it depends on a few factors. In this article, we'll dive into the world of milk tea and boba to explore this question.

What is Milk Tea?

Milk tea, also known as bubble tea or boba tea, is a popular Taiwanese drink that has become a global sensation. It's made by mixing tea with milk and sugar, and then adding a variety of toppings, including tapioca pearls, fruit jelly, and aloe vera. The drink is typically served cold and can be customised to suit individual tastes.

What is Boba?

Boba, also known as tapioca pearls, is a popular topping for milk tea. It's made from cassava root starch and comes in small, chewy spheres. Boba has a neutral flavour, so it's often cooked in a sweet syrup to give it a hint of sweetness. It's a popular addition to milk tea because it adds a fun texture to the drink and can also be flavoured in various ways.

Does Milk Tea Always Come with Boba?

The answer to this question is no. While boba is a popular topping for milk tea, it's not always included. Some people prefer to drink their milk tea without any toppings, while others prefer different toppings, such as fruit jelly or aloe vera. Additionally, some tea shops may charge extra for boba or offer it as a separate menu item.

If you're new to milk tea, it's a good idea to ask your server whether boba is included or if it's an extra charge. Some tea shops will also have a menu that lists the different toppings available, so you can choose which one you want.

Making Milk Tea in-Store

If you're not sure how to make milk tea at home, you can always visit a tea shop to enjoy a freshly brewed cup. Many tea shops offer a wide variety of milk tea flavours, ranging from classic black tea to more unique options like matcha or taro. Most tea shops will also offer a variety of toppings to choose from, including boba, fruit jelly, and aloe vera.

When you visit a tea shop, you'll typically be able to customise your milk tea to suit your tastes. You can choose the type of tea you want, the level of sweetness, and the type of milk (such as almond or soy). You can also choose your toppings and the amount of ice you want in your drink.

To make the perfect cup of milk tea, tea shop employees are trained to brew the tea to the perfect strength and temperature, so you can enjoy a delicious and refreshing drink every time. If you're not sure what to order, you can always ask for a recommendation from the staff, who will be happy to help you find the perfect drink.

In Australia, milk tea has become increasingly popular, with many tea shops and cafes offering a wide variety of flavours and toppings. Boba, in particular, has become a popular addition to milk tea in Australia, with many tea shops offering a range of different flavours and textures. Some popular boba flavours in Australia include brown sugar, matcha, and fruit-infused pearls.


When it comes to making milk tea in-store, it's important to note that not all tea shops are created equal. Some tea shops will use pre-packaged powders or syrups to make their milk tea, which can result in a less authentic and less satisfying drink. On the other hand, tea shops that brew their tea fresh and use high-quality ingredients will typically offer a better-tasting milk tea.

How to choose at a bubble tea shop

If you're new to milk tea and not sure where to start, it's a good idea to do a bit of research on the tea shops in your area. Look for reviews online, and ask for recommendations from friends or family members who are familiar with the local tea scene. Once you've found a tea shop that you like, take the time to try a few different milk tea flavours and toppings to discover your favourite combination.

In Australia, the popularity of milk tea and boba has exploded in recent years, with new tea shops and cafes opening up all over the country. This trend is particularly evident in cities like Sydney and Melbourne, where there is a large Asian population and a strong interest in international cuisine.

Many of these tea shops offer a modern and stylish take on the traditional Taiwanese tea house, with minimalist decor, natural ingredients, and innovative flavours. Some tea shops even offer unique twists on the classic milk tea, such as a bubble tea latte or a matcha milk tea with boba.

In addition to milk tea, many tea shops in Australia also offer a range of other drinks and snacks, such as fruit teas, smoothies, and Taiwanese-style snacks like fried chicken and egg waffles. This variety of options has helped to make milk tea and boba a staple of the Australian food and beverage scene.

In conclusion, milk tea does not always come with boba, but boba is a popular topping for this delicious and refreshing drink. Whether you prefer your milk tea with or without boba, there are plenty of options available to suit your tastes and preferences. If you're new to milk tea, take the time to explore the different flavours and toppings available, and enjoy this delicious drink that has captured the hearts and taste buds of people all over the world.

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